Chilmark Chocolates reopens today. Thank goodness, now I can stop rationing out that box I bought right before they closed, and just eat the whole thing.

Saturday, Faith’s Seafood Shack will open its sushi bar with a new sushi chef. I can’t wait. I also heard that the Aquinnah Shop was going to open up in the next couple of weeks but I don’t have a definite date yet.

The next town nurse clinic will be Wednesday, May 5 from 11am-1pm with Nurse Julie-Ann VanBelle. This is a free clinic for the residents of Aquinnah; come along with your scary rash, your tick bites or just stop by to get your blood pressure checked — since it’s not quite May it should only be medium-high what with the stress of trying to get everything open and ready for the season; by August, when you’ve been cut-off by some big SUV with NY plates for the umpteenth time, then it will be high. Then we’ll really need a nurse.

The return drop box at the library has been replaced and is once again operational. It is in its original location by the shed next to the library. Coffee hour on Saturdays at 10am will continue at the library through May.

I drove by the Chilmark Store and it has a sign hanging out front reading “May 10,” so presumably that is when they are going to open. Bill Rossi and his family had been leasing the store out for the past couple of years but this year they are going back behind the counter and doing it themselves. I do not envy them, running the Chilmark Store seems like a really hard job to me; I know it’s only a summer but still. About a year and a half ago my husband ran into this guy and clearly they knew each other and they were chatting away and then the guy’s wife showed up and they looked vaguely familiar to me but I couldn’t place them and then it hit me: it was Primo and Mary, but I hadn’t seen them since they sold the store and they looked so relaxed and happy, and they weren’t splattered with flour and grease so I didn’t recognize them. They seriously looked about fifteen years younger. Not that running the Chilmark Store ages you more quickly than other endeavors. Don’t think I mean that, Bill Rossi. It’s just that retirement seems to be working for Primo and Mary.

The Tribe Spring Luncheon this past Sunday was great. There were many tribal members visiting from Mashpee including a very cute, very new-looking baby. It actually was very heartening to see how many young tribe members came — Wampanoag: the Next Generation, as it were. But seriously, it was great to see the really young kids, the teenagers, the 20-somethings, and the new families on up to the elders all together in one room and in some cases, running around on the lawn.

Berta and Vern Welch’s daughter, Sophia has declared a major, anthropology. She is in her second year at Bard College and will be home soon for the summer.

Noni Smith just returned from New York City where she had some kid-free time thanks to her mom, and she did some shopping for her store.

Remember Mother’s Day is just around the corner and the shops at the Cliffs are open. On the Cliffs has marked down most of their clothing 50-75% off, and if you’re looking for jewelry stop by Berta and Carla’s. But the most important thing to remember on Mother’s Day is: It’s a really hard job and most moms would appreciate a day off and a great big thank you. The second most important thing to remember is that my favorite color is red and I love dark chocolate.