Unsung heroes, now sung


To the Editor:

The Council On Aging in Oak Bluffs is fortunate to have Rose Cogliano and Susan Von Steiger on board. These women exemplify the true meaning of assistance, compassion, and direction to all who seek their help.

Rose, the assistant director — whether preparing the newsletter, the calendar, monthly report, activities schedule, breakfasts, lunches, or bingo — stops what she is working on and responds to anyone who drops in seeking advice or guidance. She always offers helpful information with interest and a smile.

Susan, the outreach director, has a myriad of duties and responsibilities, which include resource information for clients with specific needs, visiting with clients to determine what resources are needed, implementing those resources, follow-up to ensure clients are receiving necessary assistance, processing fuel assistance, coordinating with senior services, VNA, and social services to resolve client issues and spontaneous outreach to all drop‑in applicants.

These women respond to many other daily challenges too numerous to list with knowledge, experience, and cheerfulness. They are two of Oak Bluffs’ unsung heroes. Thank you Rose and Susan for your continued support and guidance.

Barbara Whitmore

Oak Bluffs