How Oak Bluffs has spent CPA money


To the Editor:There were public comments about the spending of the Oak Bluffs community preservation committee at the Oak Bluffs annual town meeting that I would like to clarify.The system for allocation of available funds does work, and many people have and will continue to benefit from the use of these funds. Of the $2,691,401 allocated so far for CPA projects in Oak Bluffs, $915,201 (34 percent) has gone to historic preservation; $1,236,700 (46 percent) has gone to community housing; and $539,500 (20 percent) has gone to open space and recreation.

We hold twice-monthly hearings open to the public, and also a public comment meeting to hear ideas from the community and input on projects before we finalize our recommendations. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Stephen DurkeeOak Bluffs