To the Editor:

In our efforts to “go green” at the recent Minnesingers’ Spring Shows there was no printed program, so several folks integral to the success of our year did not get the recognition they deserve, so I’d like to express our appreciation to:Melanie Chaunce, assistant; Lianna Loughman, choreographer; Jeff Caruthers, stage manager, indispensable right hand; Matthew Fisher, technical expert, lighting designer; Kirkland Beck, costume mentor; Ashley Girard, costumer; Kate Murray & Charlie Esposito, technical and moral support; Tessa Permar, choreographer’s assistant; Sal McNamara-Esposito, Raine Bick, Justin Oslyn, and Mike Patenaude, technical support; Joanne Lambert, Cindy Roberts, Jude Tucker, Nancy Nevin, Karen Dumont and ALL the Minnesinger Parents; Jazz Combo: Raine Bick , Sal McNamara-Esposito, Shauna Nute, Mike Tinus, Steve Tully; Kathy Retmier, expert seamstress, costume support; Warren Pettit, accompanist for ‘Amazing Grace’; Kathleen Forsythe, poster and pictures extraordinaire; Jim Novack, tech guru emeritus, MVRHS administration and custodial staff.

And the Island community for their generous support, We couldn’t do it without them!

Janis Wightman
Minnesinger Director