Just a few


To the Editor:

Our Island is now faced with a proliferation of wind power projects, on and offshore, which it should be. Ending our dependence on foreign oil is a priority for survival. Wind is an excellent source of clean energy, especially in this area of our country, along with other clean alternative energies. Because the subject of offshore wind farms has already been fully discussed, I only wish to make a comment on wind energy here on the Island.I do not want to see lots of 100- to 200-foot tall steel towers all over this Island. (Utility poles are bad enough, which I hope will ultimately be replaced with invisible underground service). However, I do see a compromise for wind usage on the Island. I envision five or six large-scale, community-owned wind towers to supply a considerable amount of our power. One large tower would be the equivalent of 200 smaller towers. What would you rather see, one large wind tower in each town, or 1,200 individually owned steel towers?I think the answer is obvious.

Paul Adler