Shopping in Oak Bluffs


Basic’s, Phillip’s Hardware, Rosebud’s, Reliable and Mocha Mott’s (to name a few) are very excited to have more company back on Circuit Avenue after the long winter. Thank you to these stores and all the others that were open full or part-time during the winter for us Islanders.

Lemonade is the new women’s accessory store that is opening on May 28, next to Linda Jean’s. Third World Trading has updated their look with some new colors and flooring. Stop in and see what’s new on the shelves.

Looking for a bargain? Check out these re-opened stores. Eastaway Clothing has big sale racks for both men and women along with a fabulous selection of spring jackets for $17.99 to $19.99. The Treasure Chest is hosting a $5 tee-shirt sale, which could help make some great gifts for your family and friends. Galadriel’s Stone Products & Jewelry has a wide selection of sunglasses for $4.75. Glimpse of Tibet’s pre-season clearance sale gives you opportunities for clothing to home décor. Nautilus Jewelry & Gifts jewelry sale will ensure we women can shine as bright as the summer sun. Knickers is offering 25% to 50% off pajamas, like men’s Calvin Klein’s, to make-up and selected lingerie.

Sophomore store The Lazy Frog is fully open and offering many outdoor games that can be enjoyed in the abundant sunshine. Owner Jake Gifford wanted to remind everyone “If there is a game we don’t have, we’ll try our hardest to ribbit, I mean get it.” Make sure to head in to get your own set of a frog’s favorite game, “croq-uet”.

Some other venues that have re-opened or have returned to extended hours are: The Corner Store, Mary’s Linen Store, The Secret Garden, Sanctuary, The Black Dog, The Locker Room, b*Tru, Craftworks, Ocean T-Shirts, and Laughing Bear.

This weekend, head on out and enjoy all that Oak Bluffs has to offer. Make sure to take the time to admire their new landscaping and extended sidewalks. Don’t forget to please the whole family with a trip to Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium for a scoop of their delicious, homemade ice cream or homemade chocolates.