A small town’s virtues


To the Editor:

My name is Bill Hall, and I’ve lived in Vineyard Haven for close to 30 years. Two Septembers ago I experienced a stroke, accompanied by aphasia. I was 50 percent paralyzed and could not speak. Fortunately, I have returned to the new me. That means I must relearn the things I took for granted for so many years.

I recently got turned around and was unable to find my way while searching for EduComp. It takes me 20 to 40 repetitions to create a new recollection, and I had not been to EduComp since the stroke. I became disoriented, lost.

Numerous folks were concerned about my well being. In due time, the ambulance came and I was much gratified by the quick response and marvelous care shown by the EMTs.

I have always practiced functioning with a positive attitude, as it calms everybody down. You make much more progress with a smile and laughter than with fretting and negativity. So much more is accomplished with a smile.

We all eventually pass on. I’m so happy that I live in Vineyard Haven, a small town where everybody knows what’s going on.

My son, Chris, has devoted his efforts to helping me since I’ve had the stroke. I love him very much. A word of thanks to my three daughters, Sally, Martha, and Polly — a wonderful family.

Bill Hall

Vineyard Haven