Brazil Day a success, and thank you


To the Editor:

On Friday May 21, we organized the first Brazilian awareness day at the regional high school. We had a wonderful day and involved most of the school in activities such as Jiujitsu, Capoeira, Brazilian dancing (and even fusion dancing with the Irish history class), and traditional Brazilian food.

We would like to thank Elio Silva, Elias dos Reis, Steve Bernier, and Merrily and Frank Fenner for their generous donations.

We are also grateful to Robert Tankard for his support and for featuring us on Tank Talk.

We are grateful to Clemence Joue Pastre and Maria Regan from Harvard for educating us about Brazil.

We had an amazing demonstration from Luciano Reina Jiujitsu Academy, and Dunga’s Vineyard Capoeira, who gave up their time to educate us.

Our grateful thanks to Ms. Sonia Barbosa, Chef Jack O’Mally, Livia Sampaio, Renata Olivera, and Gleyzielle Rodrigues for cooking the excellent food that the school enjoyed.

We thank Valerio Destefani for his participation.

Our thanks to the school administration for allowing us to do this.

We would also like to thank Elaine Weintraub for all of her support and for sticking with us to make Brazil Day a success. Without her help none of it would have been possible.

Andora Aquino
Fillipi Gomes
Rebecca Barbosa
Brazilian Day Committee