For electricity, a logical choice


To the Editor:Nelson Sigelman’s recent article about the future cost of electricity generated by Cape Wind, and the fact that Cape Wind intends to sell its power to National Grid (not our electricity provider) further reinforces the Vineyard Power initiative, in my mind.

Vineyard Power is a member-owned, wind-powered electricity generating cooperative. All Vineyarders who have electric meters can join for a one-time fee, currently $100. The location of the facility has not been yet selected, but all members will have a vote on any proposal concerning siting of the turbines. New regulations at the state and federal level make it very likely that there will be more offshore wind farms developed near Martha’s Vineyard. Vineyard Power believes the community living near these turbines should have a say in their placement and receive the benefits from them.Based on current projections, the average Vineyard electricity user could save $500 annually on their electric bill. And the electricity generated will be 100 percent renewable — no coal, no oil, no natural gas. This seems to be the logical choice.

Gino Mazzaferro

Oak Bluffs