Telling Mary Fisher’s story

To the Editor:

Thank you so much for the wonderful article on retired Edgartown teacher Mary Fisher (May 27, “Mary Fisher turns the clock on 103”). Mary is very special to us at Windemere. We were honored to be able to throw her a 103rd birthday party.

CK Wolfson’s article touched upon all the changes that Mary has seen in her lifetime. She is a living history book. Mary loves to tell us about teaching on the Island, her travels to Ireland, and going fishing with her husband, Ellsworth. (“It’s the only time that I could be with him. He worked nights and I worked days.”)

Mary is a big part of our lives at Windemere. She has her special seat at bingo as well as her own card. She never misses Mass or the weekly Rosary group. She attends all the music programs and intergenerational programs and has even become close to dogs after meeting Sam, our first therapy dog, seven years ago. Prior to Sam’s visits, Mary said that she was afraid of dogs and would run when she saw them. When she met Sam, all that changed.

Mary also first rode a bike at Windemere. Growing up, she was not allowed to ride a bike (“It was only for the boys.”) but when Lucinda Chandler, from Trike Panther, came with her trikes, Mary was out in the parking lot pedaling around at 100 years old.

We feel fortunate to have Mary living with us at Windemere, and we thank you for telling her story with so much joy and affection.

Betsy BurmeisterDirector of Recreation