SMF receives $8,000 Edey grant for otter research

The Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation has received a grant of $8,000 from the Edey Foundation for the nonprofit’s Coastal Otter Research Project led by biologist Luanne Johnson.

The community-based research project uses Island residents, conservation organizations, teachers, and students to help map otter trails and latrines and analyze otter diets on Martha’s Vineyard.

“The Edey Foundation is delighted to be able to give grants to organizations across the Island for research, education, and conservation,” Bea Phear, Edey Foundation president, said in a press release.

This year’s grant award follows a 2009 Edey Foundation grant of $5,000 for similar research. As a result of these grants, Luanne Johnson and Vineyard Vision Fellow and wildlife biologist Elizabeth Baldwin will have completed the first-ever map of otter latrines and habitat on Martha’s Vineyard.

“We are so pleased that Luanne Johnson is conducting this research and we are grateful to the Edey Foundation for funding it,” Adam R. Moore, executive director of Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation, said. “Despite the fact that otters are the top predators in our coastal ponds, we have known very little about them until Luanne began conducting this research.”