A great father


To the Editor:

The family of Stan Hart would like to thank everyone who joined us in the celebration of his life on Saturday at the Ag Hall. It was a special day and a fitting tribute to a great father.

We also feel compelled to say a few words about the important services and institutions that may easily be taken for granted outside of their use. Specifically, we are referring to the terrific care dad received in his final days and weeks.

That begins with the outstanding efforts of Island Hospice and Hospice of MV, whose total professionalism and constant compassion brought great comfort not only to dad, but to all of us assisting in his caregiving. Terre Young, Ann Ledden, and all of those who helped us through this difficult time provided the support we needed and were instrumental in ensuring his comfort. They were an invaluable resource.

We are also greatly indebted to the EMTs that responded quickly when they were needed. We were hugely relieved to see Alex Shaeffer, Tracey Jones, Jennifer Gardner, and Eamonn Solway respond with their incredible care, compassion, intelligence, and competency. The Martha’s Vineyard Hospital ER and ICU team that met us at the door and continued exceptional care until the end also receives our recognition and gratitude. They provided us with the supportive environment that made saying goodbye to dad as easy and comfortable as it could be.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge another institution close to dad’s heart. One of his greatest accomplishments was remaining sober from 1984 until his death. He was active in the Vineyard recovery community and joined the board of Vineyard House because he knew so many Islanders who needed the help it offered. We want to thank all of those who have donated to or plan to give to the Vineyard House in his name.

Sloan, Max, and Sam Hart