Oak Bluffs takes action against cutting at Sunset Lake


The Oak Bluffs conservation commission is considering legal action, after several men cut down a large section of reeds and other plants at the corner of Sunset Lake, across the street from a new home. The home at 1 Dukes County Avenue is owned by Richard Mezger of West Tisbury. It was built by general contractor Ed Charter.

Mr. Mezger said in a phone conversation with The Times, that the vegetation from the porch of the home makes the view less attractive, but that he did not order the cutting.

“I was made aware (Tuesday) there was some cutting,” Mr. Mezger said. “I did not in any way instruct or facilitate, or request the vegetation be cut down.”

Mr. Charter, in a phone conversation, said he cut the vegetation, which he called an invasive species. “I thought it would be a good idea to try and get rid of them,” Mr. Charter said. “In hindsight, I was wrong to cut it.”

An Oak Bluffs resident said she saw Mr. Charter and two others cutting the vegetation with sickles last Sunday afternoon. She called police, who responded and stopped the cutting. But by then, most of the vegetation was down.

The conservation commission will refer the incident to town counsel for enforcement action.

In a separate incident, the commission issued an enforcement order to the owner of the same house in February, charging him with violating the state Wetlands Protection Act and Oak Bluffs wetlands bylaws.