A question of commitment


To the Editor:

Laurie Perry-Henry, I also totally agree that Obama and Gates should both apologize for acting “stupidly” toward Sgt. James Crowley and for throwing the race card around to flare up matters. Their actions unnecessarily opened a lot of old wounds that must now properly heal again, and they are the ones responsible for opening them back up.

The Island is a summer haven for these types of people, and this summer would be the perfect time for another beer fest and some publicity. Maybe Spike Lee and Bobby Tankard could MC the outing, and Tankard could also apologize for the recent Brazilian/Graduation issue he helped create.

Not many people at all have heard of these new findings because of the left wing media, and if “The truth must be told,” the MV/NAACP would be the perfect venue to show just how committed you are to social justice, if you really are.

This would be a show of good faith for you and the MV/NAACP, but to remain silent after being requested will show that you are not really committed to social justice.

Jessica McClintock

Chilmark and San Francisco