Rules are rules, sometimes silly


To the Editor:

It is time everyone took a good look at the picturesque town of West Tisbury with its farmlands, lush greenery, flowers for sale, homemade road signs and unique businesses — quaint little town with many distractions to the eye, beautiful flowers growing in our greenhouses, chairs hanging from trees, balloons pointing the way to a summer BBQ, freshly baked pies for the taking, and flags outside of businesses.

Today Bea’s Fabric Shop & Antiques was graced with a visit from our town inspector and was told to remove her flag from her road sign. When Bea asked why, she was told “Someone complained it was distracting.” Then she was told, “You are only allowed to fly an American flag, we had a meeting.” The flag in question was red, white, and blue, and said antiques on it. It was facing away from the roadside so as not to distract anyone’s view of the road. But rules are rules, and Bea removed the flag.

But then she noticed that her new, red and white sign was also measured? It is perfect to town regulations thanks to Cottle’s Lumber, which is always so helpful to Bea. Beatrice Amaral has been in business since 1969 and in that time she has shown the town she has a tiger in her tank. Let’s not think that because she is in her 80s she is not as feisty as she was when she was in her 20s. She is, and we are very proud of her.

Last summer a very nice minister was driving by our property and was distracted by the landscaping and pretty flowers on the side of the road, so much so that he drove off of the road and into our driveway and hit our dog, killing our dear Buddy. Our dog was not in the road, not on the side of the road, but on our property. The driver was distracted by flowers. If you are driving a vehicle, you should be focused and not so easily distracted by flags, flowers, or signs.

But nevertheless, Bea’s Fabric’s & Antiqueshas complied by removing the antiques flag and will fly our nation’s colors instead. Now, Bea’s still offers vintage and dressmaker fabrics, old sewing machines, handmade gifts, antiques, and collectibles as she has done for 41 years.

Bea’s will be offering a 10 percent discount on any antique purchase if you bring this letter in to the shop. You can always count on a happy face to greet you, some lovely items to pick through, a dose of town gossip, and you are welcome to pull up a chair and work on a knitting project with Bea, Sherri, and Stella.

Lets get this straight once and for all: Bea Amaral is not going anywhere. If she should leave us, then I will be here, her daughter. Please, as a public service, stay focused while driving in our beautiful town stop and get out and smell the flowers. Wait, make sure your tires are off of the blacktop or you might open a new kettle of fish.

Sherri ChurchBusiness PartnerBea’s Fabric Shop & AntiquesWest Tisbury