Don’t let careless dog owners ruin the fun


To the Editor:

A couple of weeks ago, while visiting Lambert’s Cove Beach for the first time with her two friendly golden retrievers, one of my friend’s dogs was badly bitten by a dog that has been known to be unreliable. I have now heard about that dog from a few people.

The privilege of taking your dog swimming at LCB was shortened years back to early and late only. It is enjoyed by so many residents and visitors who tell me they rent in the area because of this very privilege. Those without dogs are delighted by watching them play and swim.

Incidents involving dogs have been so rare in all the years I have been going. Now, West Tisbury Department of Parks and Recreation will vote shortly on entirely banning dogs from our haven. It is my feeling that a few irresponsible dog owners should not be allowed to bring an end to this glorious tradition.

Let’s not take the easy way out. Let’s find a way to hold owners responsible, ban dogs that are dangerous, and keep this tradition going for the 99 percent of us that enjoy it so much and whose dogs bother no one.

Vivian Stein

West Tisbury