Shopping for the one who has it all


Have you ever run across that person who has everything? That person, may be even family, who you have to buy a present for? What do you do? You want it to be meaningful, fun, enjoyable, and at least something they will use. How can you make that happen? Well, shops on Main Street in Vineyard Haven have you covered. I took a moment this week to visit some of our top stores to ask for one thing in their store they would recommend to someone who comes in looking for just such a gift.

Tonya Rustigian at Citrine recommended one of their Indonesian imported scarves. “Someone might have too much jewelry, so a funky scarf would be something they might not get from someone else,” Ms. Rustigian said. “You can dress it up or down, like with jeans and a tee or as a shawl.”

Bramhall and Dunn were extremely busy with numerous happy shoppers so I did some looking around myself at all of their amazing items. They had so much to choose from it was hard to pick just one thing, but I kept getting drawn back to the Nicholas Mosse pottery with its whimsical farm animals on plates, pitchers, and cups. According to the information card, each piece of pottery is unique and handmade by using traditional sponging technique.

Across the street at the Beach House I didn’t even need to ask for a suggestion from the busy shop keepers as the Medici glass bowl in cobalt blue with colorful designs that looked like shells immediately drew my eyes. The small bowl was only $16 and the large one was $30. (This is a great hint to any family or friends thinking about a bridal gift!)

Claudia’s, who is well known for their fabulous jewelry selection, had a wonderful suggestion. Paulette Potter barely let me get the question out before she immediately jumped on their Creed perfume line, specifically the Virgin Island Water fragrance for men and women. “The lime and coconut lend to a perfect Island summer fragrance,” Ms. Potter said. “The Creed collection is always made from their very own grown products.” The Creed line, established in 1760, has and has had numerous celebrity followers from the late Frank Sinatra to Harrison Ford and Queen Elizabeth to Madonna.

Rainy Day’s Fiona Townes suggested their Function Aprons with the vintage colorful, frilly, and useful design. They sell them as a set of adult and child (great for grandma and grandchild or mom and little one) or as an individual. They even carry matching carryalls too.

The newest store in town, Vineyard Kinda Life, has a unique, personalized gift option. Kelsey Jacobs was more than happy to tell me about the new La Plates, which was recently featured in Elle Décor. “These durable plates are dishwasher safe and you get to pick the color, pattern, and monogram,” Ms. Jacobs said. “They are great for boats, picnics, or the beach and custom orders through the store only take one to two weeks with free shipping”.

The final suggestion comes from Sioux Eagle herself, owner of Sioux Eagle Designs. She recommends the Vietnamese handbags ($90) and cell mate bags ($35). “They are made from a women’s cooperative where a portion of the money goes back into the cooperative, which offers good working conditions,” said Ms. Eagle. “They have 200 fulltime and 500 part-time Vietnamese working, and up to eight women work on one of the beautifully designed bags.” Sioux prides herself on the wonderful store selections of unusual, handmade jewelry and the fact that they carry several items that are Fair Trade or Aid through Trade.

So don’t despair on that next gift purchase. Instead go out and ask your favorite shopkeeper what they suggest for a wonderful gift for the person who has everything.