Men’s Softball Playoffs


Monday, the MV Men’s softball League began best two of three playoffs games designed to identify the league’s champion team.

At Manters Memorial Field, West Tisbury, the Brewhas and the Treds locked up in a game featuring an unexpected plethora of errors, finally won by the Treds, 20-18.

The two teams resume their best two of three series on Wednesday at Tisbury’s Veterans War Memorial Park.

Three games were played at the park Monday evening. In the first, the Highlanders defeated the Catboat Killers, 24-9. After the Killers had scored five runs in the top of the first, the Highlanders answered with eight in the bottom. Batting cleanup, Jeremy Scheffer hit a bases-loaded home run.

The Killers added one run to their side of the ledger in the second, the High ones added four, two of which rode home on Scheffer’s second four-bagger. The Highlanders kept circling the bases, five times, then three, and in the bottom of the sixth, four making it 24-9.

In another game, Monday, the Hurricanes blew past the Landsharks. Adam Golding homered for the ‘Canes driving in two in the second inning.

The ‘Canes most productive inning was the third when a dozen at bats scored eight runs.

In the third game at Veterans, the Stampede beat the Wildcats, 9-5. The game featured a rare double pickle play when two Stampede base runners were caught off base, one between second and third and another between third and home. Scoring went something like 1-5-2-4-6-1-5-2-6-4-2. It might still be going on, but a runner broke for home and the throw to the plate was wild. Everyone was safe.

Time out for a good laugh!

Second men’s playoff games, same teams, were to be played on Wednesday, last night.