Calls for a plebiscite on wind


To the Editor:

You can’t help but notice all the current discussions on wind towers and wind energy, so let’s not waste any more time. Instead of wasting years defining and creating new land or offshore wind regulations, let’s get smart right now.

The proponents and opponents of wind towers and turbines should be given equal opportunity to present their views, in, possibly, three educational seminars here on the Island. Following these seminars, the Island residents would cast a vote on whether we should allow any further private wind towers on the Island, whether to only allow community-owned wind towers, or possibly elect to place all wind towers offshore, or even on our surrounding uninhabited islands.

Once this vote is taken, possibly this November, then we can focus and formulate regulations, streamlined to address what the Islanders will allow. It is important we vote now, so our planners can focus on what regulations might ultimately be needed.

Paul D. Adler