Harbormaster helps rescue local economy


To the Editor:

If you are a business owner or charter fisherman, you probably have noticed that the weekend crowds are growing larger, the lines are longer at restaurants, shops are crowded, and more anglers are chartering boats. What we are seeing is a deluge of boaters using the moorings provided by Edgartown harbormaster Charles Blair. The weekend spending frenzies that ensue are more ravenous than the appetite we saw from the movie “Jaws” decades ago. In our version of “Jaws,” the harbormaster helps rescue the Edgartown economy by bringing in droves of cash-spending sailors.

As director, Mr. Blair sets the scene by using all town moorings and available private moorings to fill the harbor with families cruising to Edgartown for lunch, dinner, and shopping. The cast includes the harbormaster’s hardworking, courteous, capable, and professional assistant harbormasters, managing an onslaught of overnight mooring reservations, distress calls, runaway boats, visiting flotillas, a multitude of yacht club sailors with concussions, and a visit from President Obama.

Our movie has a happy ending when the citizens of Edgartown gather at North Wharf, and all the boaters, business owners, politicians, and charter captains cheer the triumphant harbormaster and staff to say thank you.

Paul Mellen