Men’s Softball Finals


With heavy, windblown and much-needed rains drenching everything on Island, Monday, the Commissioners of the Men’s Softball League, Eric Hatt and Bart Kent, postponed the final playoff game between the Highlanders and the Hurricanes from Monday to Wednesday.

The two teams were even. Each had won a game, defeating the other finalist handily.

In game one it was the Hurricanes over the Highlanders, 11-2.

Game two was a reversal of game one with the Highlanders claiming the high ground, 12-6.

The defensive play of the game came early. With a runner on second, the batter hit a long, high foul down the right field line.

Highlander first baseman Joe Merry turned his back to the bag and raced down the line to snag the ball over his shoulder, then spun around, Willie Mays-like, and fired a strike to third, nailing the runner trying to advance from second base.