Have you ever wondered about yoga and why everyone is either doing it or talking about it? Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Hatha and Bikram and all those other types with names that are confusing for novices to roll off their tongues?

Well, the first annual Yoga Festival being held at the Beach Plum Inn is just the place for you to have those questions answered. Stop in to simply check out what is going on, sign up for one class or three days’ worth. Or if you are looking for a mini vacation or staycation this opportunity might just be for you. Whether you are seeking a restorative experience or are looking for a more vigorous practice, the festival offers something for all levels of skill. Island instructors include Sherry Sidoti, Jane Norton, Sian Williams, Vanessa Kent, Claire Parkhurst, Bennett Coffey, and Michelle Boullion of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Classes range in price from $15 for one to $150 for a three-day pass. Festival organizers Kathy Bega and Sarah Nixon will be on the premises from September 13-15 to answer questions and share stories. Please contact the Beach Plum Inn at 508-645-9454.

Kicking off on September 12 is the 65th annual Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby. The month-long event is steeped in tradition going back for generations. New poles are getting rigged, new boots are being purchased, kids are wearing their derby hats, which include camouflage this year, and all are ready to reel in the big one. Derby registration can be conducted at numerous locations, which includes Menemsha Texaco as the one up-Island location. Derby information can be found at

I bumped into Sarah and Spider Andresen. Sarah was packing and preparing for her trip to London with Susan Murphy. The excuse for their adventure is a knitting course that they have signed up for, but I think the thrill of going to London together outweighs the lessons. While there, they will meet up with Sarah’s daughter Whitney who, coincidentally, will be in town at the same time. Sarah assured me of a full summary of her trip once they return. Spider shared that he will make a brief trip all the way to Nantucket with no passport necessary.

Welcome Emme Caroline Buresch Carroll. She is the youngest member of the Carroll clan born to Chris, Kendra, and big sister Oona on September 1. Proud family members include grandparents Kathie and Emmett, great grandma Bette, and plenty of others.

Happy anniversary — the sixth I believe — to Hope and Chris MacLeod.

Farewell for now to Cody Coutinho who has moved into his new room at Merrimack College. He is already missed around town.

Congratulations to Imogen Taylor on the latest addition to her family. Snoopy, the little white pony, was all decked out with a pink sash when Immy’s arms wrapped around his neck for a great big hug.

The Mountain Bike World Cup concluded in Windham, N.Y., last week with our own Mary McConneloug and Mike Broderick racing in cross-country events. From there, they travelled to Mont-Saint-Anne, Canada, for the UCI Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships where Mary placed 13th and Mike rode in to the 41st spot in a sea of numerous competitors.

Do any of you remember Dick Vincent, captain of the charter boat Flashy Lady? Silly question, I know, because he is unforgettable. He has been on the Island this summer working out of Vineyard Haven. Susan, his lovely bride of nearly 15 years, arrived yesterday for a brief visit to see her much-missed husband, pay a quick visit to Menemsha, and set her eyes on a few friends she hasn’t seen in nearly two years.

We said our farewells to the crew at the Home Port Sunday night with a dinner to celebrate Bradley’s 14th birthday. Olivia Hart greeted us at the door. Chef Johnny Graham checked to make sure our stomachs were content. Their doors will be closed for the next nine months. The Bite, Galley, Café, Larsen’s, Menemsha Fish Market, the Beach Plum, and Tavern will all be open for a while longer.

Hurricanes and back to school threats couldn’t stop the final softball game from taking place at Flanders Field. The traditional cookout and awards ceremony followed, with all the required fanfare. Noah Lipnick won the rookie of the year award and Joel Greenberg was voted best player. Ziggy VanRaan became the MVP of the 2010 season. He also donated two dozen juiced-up softballs. I understand that Jerry Sattler will be investing in new caps for next year. Hip, hip, hooray for all the players, the cheering section, and Bill Edison, my faithful and trusty sports commentator who never missed a moment.