Over hill, over dale

Michael "Boots" Osborn was first to the line in the jayvee boys race. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

The high school’s boys’ cross-country team is off to a happy start with two impressive victories.

The first test was at Mashpee and the Islanders filled all of the first 10 slots with the lone exception of fourth.

Jeremy Alley Tarter, Michael Schroeder, and Cooper Chapman were 1-2-3. Mashpee’s Pete Mayotte was fourth. Then came (5) Kyle Joba-Woodruff, (6) Will Nevin, (7) Jobe Deforest, (8) Max Minor, (9) Mike Osborn and (10) Thorpe Karabees.

Saturday, the Vineyarders hosted eight cross-country teams at the MV Invitational. Boys’ teams in order of finish with their scores: Martha’s Vineyard 77, Duxbury 83; Canton 90; Barnstable 99; Falmouth 109; Milton Academy 123; New Bedford 137, Durfee 155; Sturgis 215.

Jason Angell of Duxbury was first to finish at 16:03. Jeremy Alley Tarter, MV’s best, was 8th in 17:25.

The girls meet

The MV girls team finished fourth at the invitational behind 1 Notre Dame 24; 2 Barnstable, 3 Ursaline; and ahead of 5 Canton, 6 Falmouth, 7 Milton Academy, 8 Sandwich and 9 Cape Cod Academy.

Megan Dreyer led the Vineyarders at 21:26. Betsy Whitaker of Notre Dame made the run in 19:52.

Jayvee boys

Michael Osborn finished first of the 87 JV runners. He completed the course in 19:04. The Island jayvees were second to Canton by two points 52-50.