Scallop seasons set in Edgartown


Selectmen in Edgartown acted on the recommendation of their shellfish committee and approved opening dates for the coming recreational and commercial harvest seasons.

All Edgartown waters will open to recreational bay scallop permit holders on Friday, October 1. Recreational scallopers can take one struck ten-gallon wash basket per week.

Recreational scallopers are prohibited from dragging in Cape Poge Bay until October 16. Dragging is prohibited in Sengekontacket Pond for the entire season.

The commercial bay scallop season will begin in Edgartown on Monday, October 18, except for Sengekontacket Pond, which will open to commercial dip-netting on November 1.

Each commercial license holder is allowed to take three struck 10 gallon wash baskets per day.

The Edgartown Shellfish committee recommended a new seeding program this year. Commercial scallopers will be encouraged to harvest seed scallops from designated areas of Cape Poge before getting their commercial catch. The seed scallops will be turned over to shellfish constables, who will seed other areas of town waters.

“There is an extremely dense set of bay scallop seed on the east side of Cape Poge with very little seed found in the gut area of the pond,” wrote shellfish constable Paul Bagnall in a letter to the selectmen. “The Cape Poge gut does have a fair amount of adults. The plan is to reseed the gut area after most of the adults are harvested.”