What a fishing pier was, and can be


To the Editor:

I am writing In favor of the proposed fishing pier In Oak Bluffs. This one will not be the first, however. Let me tell you about the “fishing pier” I grew up with.

Back in the mid-1950s, the Oak Bluffs steamship pier was much bigger than the one that’s there now. It was L-shaped and had a large (to a little kid) roofed-over section on the end of the pier. There was a walkway, probably six to eight feet wide all around the outside of the enclosed part. What a great place to fish. All of us kids spent countless hours fishing all around the outside of this dock. Oh, the excitement when a school of bonito or blues would go splashing by. Of course, we didn’t catch many of them, since most of us didn’t have poles. We used hand lines and caught scup and blow fish and the occasional fluke or sand shark.

Tautog were another story. At the end of the pier, the corners were made up of a number of pilings set close together in a semicircle. We would climb down under the pier and go along the beams underneath till we got to the pilings, then drop a line baited with green crabs inside this semicircle to get some nice fish (The crabs came from the little beach next to Our Market, in the harbor.)

I would love to see our present day kids grow up with some of these same memories.

Let the state build us a new fishing pier.

Bill Haynes

West Tisbury