Heater on, heater off; sweater on, sweater off — it’s that time of year when the temperature just can’t seem to make up its mind. One minute I’m hunkering down under a pile of comforters, the next I’m regretting putting the summer clothing away too early. Well, regardless of temperature, it certainly is pretty outside, with the oak leaves becoming more fiery by the day.

Helen Gibson phoned in to tell me about a weekend of family fun and milestones over the holiday. Helen and husband Dennis, along with daughter Kim Kane and grandson Justin, spent Columbus Day weekend in Saratoga, N.Y., where they celebrated Helen and Dennis’s 50th wedding anniversary on October 8, the day before attending granddaughter Amanda’s wedding to Sean McDonald, along with family and friends. The weather was lovely, and the family enjoyed viewing the fall foliage while traveling through the Berkshires.

I was almost back in my aircast Saturday after dancing to the Sultans of Swing at the Martha’s Vineyard Food and Wine Opening Reception Friday night. Despite the weather, which blew over the tent earlier in the day, forcing the weekend’s festivities indoors, there was a great turnout for both the Opening Reception as well as Saturday’s Grand Tasting. I missed out on the Grand Tasting but heard the food was incredible. This is sure to be one of those events that becomes a true Vineyard fixture, and with a portion of the proceeds going to the Boys & Girls Club, the M.V. Museum, and the YMCA, several great organizations will benefit.

Jim and Nicki Miller are excited for the beginning of yet another season of Stump Trivia at the Wharf. They have yet again put together what they hope to be a dream team, including Tom O’Hanlon, Mike Poirier, and others. If you feel confident enough in your trivia skills to challenge the Millers and Co., get down to the Wharf Thursdays at 7:30 pm to preregister for the 8 o’clock game. The room fills up fast, so get there early.

The Derby has come to an end, so I can finally congratulate some of our friends who were lucky to see their names in chalk up on that leaderboard. Early on, everyone was buzzing about Will Coogan, but he got knocked off pretty quick. Derek Avakian made it to the end, taking third in all-tackle boat for his bluefish, where second place went to Sandy Fisher, and first to Estey Teller, making that category a full podium for Edgartown. We were rooting for Estey to win that truck, but someone else had the lucky key. Better luck next year.

On a sad note, the Edgartown community and the fishing community in particular lost a good friend last week with the death of Bob Darlington. I hope wherever he is the sun is shining and the fish are biting. Bob, you will surely be missed.

The London Gold Group of Suzuki-trained children, ages 9 to 15, will perform at the Whaling church Sunday, Oct. 24, at 5 pm. The concert is free for children, with a suggested donation of $10 for adults. This is an extraordinary group of violinists and violists directed by Helen Brunner, founder of the London Suzuki Group. Bring your family and friends for a special hour of music. For more information, contact Marilyn Hollinshead at 508-693-5803.

The following Edgartown residents and businesses are featured in the 2010–2011 issue of Martha’s Vineyard Magazine’s Home & Garden: The article “A Builder’s Dream House” looks inside the new house on, Sengekontacket designed and built by Peter Rosbeck. Lorraine St. Pierre writes about the memories residing in an old family rocker. Congrats, folks.

Whether it’s apple-picking, leaf-peeping, or just enjoying the first fire in the fireplace, whatever your fall pleasure, drop me a line so we can all enjoy this fine season together.