Rainy Day: The store for everything


We have all dreamed of finding that perfect shop that has absolutely everything on our list — and then we are harshly woken up by reality. What if we could be woken in a more gentle way? What if, instead, our dream turned into reality? How about a gift shop that has accessories, bath and body products, entertaining choices, stationary, home décor, nautical items, toys, and baby items? You don’t think such a well-rounded store exists? Not only does it exist, it is here on Martha’s Vineyard.

Located on the very popular Main Street in Vineyard Haven, you will find the fabulous and unique Rainy Day Gift Shop. While steeped in tradition, this 37-year-old business has seen an improved, hip appearance since the current owner, Heather Kochin, bought the shop in 2003. Heather’s personal touch can be seen in every nook and cranny of the store.

As soon as you enter Rainy Day, your eye is filled with a cornucopia of colors and shapes. The store seems to meld together into one great, pleasing shopping experience. To the untrained eye, it might seem as if there is a pleasant randomness to the wares, as everything just flows together so well. However, there is definitely a distinct thought process to the many types of products that Heather has chosen to carry.

You will find items to help you entertain (my favorite section). I also absolutely adore all of the serveware and various candle scents, along with the colorful array of linens. Kids will love to go shopping with you so they can lose themselves in the toy section while you are picking out some clothes for the youngest in the baby area. If you are looking to complete the look of your home, the comforting choices of pillows, frames, and ornaments (to name a few) will make that task easy. Being on an island, the nautical merchandise might also help to round out your home. You may even round out your own look with a piece from one of the Island-made jewelry collections, or perhaps with one of the artful totes or a new piece of apparel.

If you are giving a gift, whether one you’re choosing or one from a registry (they carry both bridal and SweetPea baby registries), they will wrap it for you and help to find the perfect card in their stationary section.

For additional benefits of the store, look no further than their Frequent Buyer Card for customers to be able to capitalize on some extra savings. The current promotion is great for the upcoming gift-giving season; buy any eight Crabtree & Evelyn or Thymes products and receive one free. As an added show of thanks, Heather has also been so kind as to offer a Customer Appreciation card, in which the holder is eligible for 25 percent off one item after they have purchased $20 or more at least five times. Start planning your holiday season soon.