I thank you all


To the Editor:

This letter is to all our residents here on Martha’s Vineyard who have pets as part of their family. I would like to share an experience I recently had with Animal Health Care Associates at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport. Our animals are like our children, especially my seven-year-old cat named “Missy.”

Two weeks ago she began limping badly with her left leg. After a couple of days I brought her in to my vet of nine years, Dr. Steven Atwood. He approached the situation with utmost compassion and professionalism. Most importantly, he had this special ability to empathize with my feelings of love and concern for Missy. After an examination, he knew the problem and had Missy stay briefly for x-rays. The results were that Missy needed to have the ligaments replaced in her knee. His approach was thorough and more, so concerned with my fears. He assured me that the procedure was very standard and Missy would be just fine.

All turned out just fine, and over the following week I was treated with more and more compassion dealing with his staff for follow-up visits.

This clinic cares more about our animals than the financial aspect. Doctor Atwood worked very closely with me in regard to the expense I was going through. From my heart I thank you all.

Dean Farina

Vineyard Haven