Vineyard spas and their specialties

— Photo courtesy of Sebastian Pattavina

You don’t have to travel far to find new and trendy spa treatments. The Island’s already got several. The Mod Spa, Bouclé, Mansion House, and the Holistic Spa Annex are just four places on the Island that have brought in different and unusual treatments to their businesses that may amaze you.

The Mod Spa in Edgartown blends Eastern and Western bodywork modalities to offer to their clients. “Anyone who likes deep massage has received and paid for a massage that is simply not deep enough,” said Sebastian Pattavina, owner of The Mod Spa, referring to the Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy ($110). “This Western take on a traditionally Eastern-based modality features sustained pressure during the therapy. The massage is performed with the therapist’s feet as they carefully and consciously step across the body, carefully relieving and releasing deeply locked muscle tension.

“The one thing about our spa is that is it very funky, and even the physical space is very unique,” said Mr. Pattavina. “It’s very Zen and eye-catching. We make all of our own products here, and we try to use resources that are available on the Island. We don’t buy pre-made products for our scrubs, or wraps or facials; we use raw, organic materials that are the most natural.”

Another treatment offered is Table Thai ($110). “It is performed with the client dressed in loose clothing while lying on the table,” said Mr. Pattavina. The therapist uses his or her bodyweight to relieve tight muscles by slowly lengthening them.

The spa also offers a cranberry seed and walnut-shell scrub, applying a thin coat of warm oil, made of ground walnut shells and cranberry seeds, to the body. The scrub finishes with a moisturizer made with the client’s choice of lavender, lemongrass, or peppermint.

In addition to local products and quality service, the spa boasts imported organic high thread count sheets from China, the opportunity to be picked up and dropped off from an Island hotel or inn, and a handmade “blessing,” a goodie bag of sorts made by Ingrid Goff with Island treasures, dried herbs, and a saying.

Bouclé, also in Edgartown, offers its clients several interesting treatments. “We offer a facial that’s called Age Smart ($100) that is by a company called Dermalogica, and they provide a lot of antioxidants in their products as well as SPF,” said Sylvia Ilieva, manager of Bouclé. “We also have a keratin hair straightening treatment ($350) by a company called Coppola, and the treatment lasts for about three months. We can also perform organic hair coloring for people who are either more sensitive or just prefer not to use chemical coloring.”

Along with the hair treatments, Bouclé sells organic shampoo and conditioners to continue treating the hair even after the visit. “We also have the Dermalogica ChromaWhite treatment ($100) which treats dark spots, and helps to brighten and improve the skin tone,” said Ms. Ilieva.

Mansion House in Vineyard Haven offers facials such as the Men’s Preventive ($100), a thorough, deep cleansing of pores that uses a hydrating mask and massage to ease the effects of age and shaving. They also offer the Moshup’s Exclusive Moshup Mud body treatment, which uses mud from the Aquinnah Clay Cliffs ($150).

The Holistic Spa Annex in Vineyard Haven has been in business for 15 years. “We offer a treatment using the So Qui Bed, which is an infrared light therapy that provides many of the health benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation. This treatment helps the body to achieve full oxygenation, releases trapped toxins, and regenerates tissue,” said Cindy Grant, administrative and marketing director.

The retreat also offers the Alpha Spa, a unique thermal heat therapy that increases body temperature in selected areas of the body to increase blood circulation. It induces muscle relaxation and also relieves pain.

“We also have a high heat detox treatment using our Feng Shui Hydrospa Bed ($110-$145). It is a spa capsule that helps the body cleanse at a deeper tissue level,” said Roni DeLuz, RN, ND, PhD, and author of the New York Times best-selling book, “21 Pounds in 21 Days: The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox.”

“Another treatment we offer is called the Rain Drop Massage. The treatment uses essential oils, either to help with the joints, colon, or digestion, and just about any chronic issue the individual may have,” said Dr. DeLuz.

“We even offer a treatment for those who are looking for cellulite treatment [$175]. During the treatment, we use ultrasonic techniques. All that means is that it tightens the skin and releases some of the fatty tissue, and really just smooths the tissue.”

For more information, call:

The Mod Spa: 508-939-4339

Bouclé: 508-627-3853

Mansion House: 508-693-2200

M.V. Holistic Retreat: 508-338-4744