I am sorry to tell you that Bob and Patsy Wheeler are leaving us next week. They are moving into their new home in Bellevue, Washington, just east of Seattle. They will be happy to be closer to their three children and four grandchildren but will miss many of their friends here on the island. We hope Bob finds good reason to don his kilt out there as he did so handsomely at the Scottish Society events here.

The official spelling is Daylight Saving Time, not savings. Anyway, it ended Sunday morning at 2 am. Did you enjoy the extra hour of sleep?

Lois Virtue and the Martha’s Vineyard Methodist women invite you to their annual Holiday Fair on Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm at Trinity Parish House in the campground. Clam chowder and pie for lunch will be offered as well as baked goods, homemade items, and jewelry.

For over 25 years, Grace Episcopal Church has served award-winning lobster rolls to fund their outreach on the Island and around the globe. This Sunday at 2 pm at the Vineyard Haven Library, two of the lobster roll experts, Lorraine Clark and Beatrice Green, share their stories and the history of this popular institution. Sorry, no free samples.

Anna Tomlinson is a lady of many talents. After enjoying a watercolor class at the Tisbury Senior Center, she created paintings of her beloved cat, Lucius. Now many of these lovely pictures are in a delightful little book about Lucius called “One of My Nine Lives.” The book was published by the Tisbury Printer. You can buy it at Bramhall & Dunn or at Edgartown Books. Lucius knows he is a lucky cat; he was rescued from the Animal Shelter of Martha’s Vineyard. All the proceeds benefit the Shelter.

Kathy Ivory tells me that the Friends of Tisbury have just decorated the linden tree park. There are only a few members of this wonderful group, but they scramble and work hard to keep our town looking nice. First they had to clean up the park, picking up scattered trash and innumerable discarded cigarette butts. The seasonal collection of cornstalks, pumpkins, and hay used to brighten up the park was contributed by Morning Glory Farm.

Laura and Ken Beebe have just returned from a wonderful trip traveling from sea to shining sea. They drove 11,000 miles across the northern United States and back home through southern Canada. They enjoyed fishing, quilt shops, visits with family and friends, and warm beautiful weather. They went through several National Parks including the Badlands in South Dakota, Arches in Utah, Great Basin in Nevada, and Yosemite and Redwoods in California.

History often has unusual twists, as you saw in Whit Griswold’s wonderful article last week about the old Indian deed. He quoted Charles Banks in talking about the romance between the Englishman Joseph Daggett and his Indian wife who died young. Banks wrongly named her as Alice Sessetom, a girl born a generation later. Daggett’s young bride was indeed the daughter of an Indian Sachem though her name is not known. Her daughters Hester and Alice were called “cuzzens” by Putuspaquin, the last Sachem of Sengekantacket, who gave them the deed to the land. All this was discovered by Andrew Pierce and Dr. Jay Segel, and more is to be found in their book “The Wampanoag Genealogical History of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.”

And, yes, there are a number of descendants of Joseph Daggett, some from his two daughters with Indian ancestry and many from his later children by his English wife. Other Daggett descendants on the island came from the children of Joseph’s brother Thomas and his wife, who was one of the daughters of Governor Mayhew.

You must read Tom Dresser’s book on the “African Americans of Martha’s Vineyard.” He deftly combines the U. S. history you already knew with the Island history you should know. And it is fun to read.

On Tuesday at 7 pm at the library Holly Nadler will share her studies of the ancient mystical tradition of the Jewish faith. The program is called The Mystery of the Kabbalah.

Turns out my congratulations to Brian and Noreen Flanders needs revision because Avery is a little girl, not a little boy. Avery Paige Flanders is the daughter of Brianna and Christopher Flanders.

Today at 7:30 pm MVTV channel 13 will show a movie honoring our veterans. Also on MVTV you can see the historical movie “This Is Our Island,” narrated by Katharine Cornell, on Tuesday and again on Thanksgiving.

Start working now to share your talents making baked goods, jams, knit items and such to benefit Hospice of MV. Sale of goodies Handmade from the Heart will take place on December 11. Call 508 693-0189 for more.

Hector Asselin will celebrate his 90th birthday next Tuesday. You still have time to send him a card. Send it to P.O. Box 1044, V.H., or drop it off. Selectmen, take note: This man has done more behind-the-scenes maintenance on town properties, such as the Owen Park bandstand, than you could imagine. Thanks for all you’ve done, Hector, and many good wishes for your birthday.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out to Katie Davey, who parties on Saturday.

Heard on Main Street: Shut the door, not that it lets in the cold, but that it lets out the coziness. [Mark Twain]