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There has been discussion of late regarding the situation of the Mill Pond and Mill Brook in West Tisbury. That very stream, the pond, and the mill are so very much a part of the Vineyard’s antiquity that their significance should not, must not, be forgotten. Fishing and farming were the very essence of the early Vineyard, and the basis of its early survival. Not until after the Civil War did there arise the religious campgrounds, the concept of vacations, and tourism.

Rather than throw away our heritage, as some may have suggested, I would urge the preservation of our history, which has led us to become what we are today. So I would say:

Let Mill Pond be; then go and restore its good works. What an accomplishment it would be to again use the still operational spillway, replace the operating machinery, and eventually go on to mill the Island’s own home-grown corn.

My optimism nourishes the concept that there may be sufficient interest on the Island to support such an effort. What a unique opportunity to bring alive something of our history, for living history and active experience must surpass imagination, and avoid the destruction of yesterday’s heritage.

John M. Boardman

Oak Bluffs