The weather this past weekend was so lovely, I actually had the doors open in my house, it got so warm. I can’t help thinking though of what’s in store for us over the upcoming winter. I know I shouldn’t project, but I am dreading the winter up here this year. I cannot find any silver lining to the long, cold, wet days I know lie ahead. Well I suppose Thanksgiving is a bright spot, I always feel better after some pie. But I can’t help thinking about the evil month of February, with all its ice, wind, and Islanders who flee to warm, sunny places and leave the rest of us alone and suffering. It’s haunting me.

The stores, On the Cliffs and Stony Creek are both still open at the cliffs. They are both having big, big sales and they will be open through Thanksgiving (next week).

There are many holiday craft shows coming up, some benefiting charities and some benefiting local craftspeople and artists. Here are some highlights:

The Featherstone 8th Annual Holiday Gift Show will feature work by Aquinnah artist Eva Weinstein who makes stoneware mugs, pitchers, bowls, vases, etc. and Chilmark’s Wendy Weldon who paints beautiful pictures. The show starts on Saturday and runs through December 19; they are open 12 noon to 4 pm.

The 14th Annual Peacecraft Holiday Benefit Sale runs from November 26 to December 24 at Pyewacket’s on Beach Road in Vineyard Haven. They are also looking for volunteers to help. Call 508-693-0368 or go to for more information.

If you need to rebalance yourself after the eating marathon that is Thanksgiving, you can go to the Yoga Barn on Saturday, November 27 from 3 to 5:30 and take a restorative yoga workshop with Cathy Garfinkle. Call 508-693-1403 for all the details.

Stop by the Aquinnah Library and say hello to Emma Young, our new library associate. She is from West Tisbury, and she and her boyfriend recently returned to the Island after living in Portland, Maine. Her brother is Mac Young, who people may know from his many performances at the Vineyard Playhouse. They are not related to the Chilmark Youngs of “Young Noe Moore” fame. Emma seems very happy in her position at the library and balances out the staff nicely. It is also encouraging to see young people come back to the Island and try to make a life here.

Now, remember Thanksgiving is only the first of three holidays in a row so don’t stress yourselves out too much. You don’t have to buy presents, or make resolutions, you just have to cook and eat, and spend time with people you love, and perhaps watch a little football.