Meet up, stand up for women worldwide

A gathering to increase awareness about the abuse of women around the world will be held on Saturday, November 27, starting at 1 pm in Ocean Park in Oak Bluffs.

Phil Combra, owner of Bert’s Barber Shop in Vineyard Haven, became committed to the fight against abusive treatment of women after seeing a horrifying picture of an 18-year-old Afghan woman on the cover of Time Magazine, August 9, 2010. Where her nose once was, there was a hole in her face: her nose and ears had been lopped off by order of the Taliban because she had fled from abusive in-laws. Left to die, she somehow survived, with help from a U.S. medical center and a women’s shelter. This fall she was fitted with a prosthetic nose at the Grossman Burn Center in California.

But millions of unpublicized women around continue to be abused, leading to Mr. Combra’s effort this Saturday, which he calls a Movement for Women’s Rights Worldwide. For more information, contact him at 508-693-2277.