Sadie Nardini to host weekend yoga workshop


When I began practicing yoga a little over a year ago, I certainly couldn’t have predicted where I would be now.

Recently back from a Shiva Rea workshop in Boston, I am deeply entrenched in my own practice, planning to do a 200-hour yoga teacher training program next year, and in the midst of planning and hosting a yoga workshop weekend here, in December, with Sadie Nardini, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga.

Ms. Nardini will be doing a total of six hours of class time through workshops and immersions with the Island community, all happening the weekend before Christmas. The event is co-sponsored by FLY Yoga, The Yoga Collective, and myself. I feel this is a gift I am giving back to my teachers and the yoga community for supporting my own journey and practice — to further fortify Island yogis and yoginis with challenges and insights without the need to travel anywhere for it.

I first discovered Ms. Nardini’s YouTube videos last winter, although they have been around for years. After a class, I was curious about forearm balances and so did a search on YouTube. There was Ms. Nardini, speaking directly to the camera to start, and then stepping back on to her mat to demonstrate the pose. She made it look so easy and graceful, her voice soothing and matter-of-fact all at the same time. Given that my other profession is acting, I could respect and appreciate her obvious true skill — she could speak to the camera and be totally alone in that room, yet make me feel like she was right there with me, encouraging my progress. I remember rushing to Sian Williams, my teacher and friend, excitedly describing my “discovery.” Of course Sian informed me she was also a fan and had been inspired by Ms. Nardini herself. Thus the conversation of bringing her to Martha’s Vineyard began.

Ms. Nardini is also a renowned Ultimate Wellness expert. She’s training to become a Ninja, and is known for bringing a real-world mix of eastern and western techniques to her yoga and her lifestyle teachings. Her own personal story is a reflection of the power of yoga and how it can change a person’s direction in life — not just physically, but mentally and spiritually. She is an inspiration on many levels and continues to grow herself, which is further inspiring. Her main focus is on the core, which is a foundational key when practicing yoga.

The schedule is reasonable for full participation in all sessions, and anyone is welcome to join for one, two, or all workshops offered. Friday night, Dec. 17 from 6 to 8 pm, we will join Ms. Nardini for an open-to-all-levels Core Strength Transformer Workshop. The focus on Friday night will be on building that elusive core strength that can move one’s yoga practice light-years forward. She clarifies that this is not just abdominal work, but a multi-layered experience of holistic all-body core most students never discover.

For the Saturday, Dec. 18 immersion sessions, the schedule includes two two-hour sessions with an hour break in between. Her immersions are designed to offer students the foundations of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, and show them how to amplify the benefits of any yoga style with Core Alignment Principles, Core Philosophies, and her signature Core Poses. The first session is Ignite The Core, which will guide participants in how to ignite Agni, the belly fire that raises your metabolism, burns calories, and improves digestion. The second session on Saturday is Deep Belly Release. Participants will learn to understand and release Brahma Granthi, the deep Belly Knot yogis say is crucial to our ability to let go, and bring healing to our pelvic root, organs, creativity, and relationships.

Yoga teachers can receive four CE credits through Yoga Alliance and a certificate of completion for attending the immersions. The immersion sessions were selected deliberately for the weekend before the holidays specifically for their power to aid in digestion and relieve stress on all levels at a time when it is most needed. During the break, all will be welcome to enjoy healthy snacks and beverages, which will be provided by local chefs. The break will be hosted by ArtFarm Enterprises, Inc., headed by Brooke and Brian Ditchfield.

Yoga with Sadie Nardini. Friday, Dec. 17, 6–8 pm, Core Strength Transformer Workshop. $50.

Saturday, Dec. 18, 12:30–5:30 pm, Core Strength Vinyasa Immersion. Session One: Ignite The Core (12:30–2:30 pm). Session Two: Deep Belly Release (3:30–5:30 pm). $115 for both; $63 for one.

Visit for registration and online payment. To pay by check or for questions, call 917-705-4214. Participants must pre-register. Special price for all events: $150.

All event locations to be announced to registered participants.

Participants of any part of the workshops on Friday or Saturday are all welcome to join with Sadie on Saturday evening at 7:15 pm for a holiday potluck.

Sheryl Dagostino lives with her husband Ron and son Eli and West Tisbury. She works as an independent consultant in marketing, graphic, and web design.