Latest Edgartown library design faces new criticism

The Edgartown library design committee meets tomorrow to consider new developments that could force yet another substantial revision to library expansion plans.

In informal discussions with the town’s historic district commission Tuesday, design committee members listened to criticisms of the latest design, which would demolish the historic Captain Warren House on North Water Street and replace it with parking for library visitors.

The opposition came from North Water Street residents, as well as historic district commission members.

The message taken from the meeting by design committee chairman Chris Scott was that the historic district commission considers the latest design an entirely new project that must begin the permitting process from the beginning.

Historic district commission members objected to a parking lot abutting North Water Street, and said they would prefer a design that preserves the Warren House.

Later Tuesday, the design committee met informally with the planning board. There was no clear agreement over the current preliminary design, and planning board members asked questions about the parking scheme.

The historic district commission and the planning board took no formal actions on the design plans.