Wind siting bill not expected to move


Senate President Therese Murray’s push to approve a bill intended to streamline the siting of land-based wind turbines — a proposal opposed by some in western Massachusetts and on Cape Cod as intended to usurp local control — isn’t gaining ground in the final weeks of the session, Sen. Michael Knapik told the State House News Service on Monday.

Mr. Knapik said he had “no reason to believe” that the Senate was any closer to breaking a stalemate on the bill, which Ms. Murray had promised to push daily, if necessary, to get it passed. The bill fell one procedural vote shy of reaching Gov. Deval Patrick’s desk on July 31, the last scheduled day of formal sessions for the year. During informal sessions, which have been held twice-weekly since August, a single lawmaker can block the advance of any proposals.

If the wind bill fails to win a final enactment vote over the next month, it will need to start anew in the session that begins Jan. 5, 2011.