Christmas is next Saturday and I really haven’t done much of anything about it. Not so, actually; I have made a list of gifts to buy for people. But I have not bought any of them. I suppose I should if I am going to see my family and do the whole Christmas thing. I don’t know why I just don’t feel in the spirit; perhaps tonight’s Aquinnah Holiday Party will jump-start me. I hope so. It will be held at the Old Town Hall from 4 to 6:30 pm. Santa will be handing out presents (to the kids only — don’t get any ideas). There will be a potluck supper so please bring a dish to share.

On Saturday, Kate Taylor is co-producing the first Spoon in the Moon Coffee House of the season at the Vineyard Playhouse. Tish Hindosa will perform her show, called From Texas for a Christmas Night. There will be a family matinee at 4 pm and an evening performance at 8 pm. Call the Playhouse for tickets.

John Wightman’s show, In Celebration of Winter, is up and running at the Chilmark Bank of Martha’s Vineyard through the holidays and there will be prints for sale if you still need some gifts.

This is really important, pay close attention: Chilmark Chocolate’s last day of the year is December 19. That’s this Sunday. They will not reopen until sometime in late January. Go now, don’t think, “Oh I’ll just swing by a couple of days before Christmas and get some stocking stuffers,” because they won’t be there. You need to get the chocolate thing handled this week or your family will be very mad at you. Trust me. I’ve been there.

If you are like me and you frequent many of our fine libraries here on the Island, you may have material out at some or all of them; some of that material may be overdue, some may be very overdue. Well, fear not. December is fine amnesty month and you can bring in a non-perishable food item (please check the expiration date) to donate to the Island Food Pantry and your slate will be wiped clean. You may need to bring in a few items for really large fines. I myself will probably have to buy a bag of groceries and spread it out between West Tisbury, Vineyard Haven, Chilmark, and Aquinnah.

Sasha Gerhard turned four last week. In preparation, she got married the week before to one of her classmates.

Olive and Violet MacPhail will turn five on December 30. Their mother, Alex, claims that this is the worst possible date to have for a birthday and has threatened to celebrate their birthdays in June, although she has not done so yet. I think February 29 would be a worse date because then you don’t really have a birthday except every four years, but I do see her point. December 30 would be easy to overlook and who needs another celebration right then?