RCBL Bulls unbeaten at mid-season break


The Lakers posted their second win of the season, Monday, at the Boys & Girls Club in Edgartown, defeating the Heat, 114 to 93.

Lakers captain Heath Estrella led all scorers with 28 points. Both Jeff LaBell and Jared Silvia finished with 25.

Clark Agnew generated the most heat, 24 points, while Tim Scott had 19 and Jason Dyer, 11.

In the second game, the undefeated Bulls continued their winning ways, outscoring the Suns, 101-94. Brant Silvia was most bullish (26) while Asil Cash cashed 19 and Damon Mello 17.

High points for the Suns and the game belonged to James Holenko with 31 points. Also burning bright: Sterling Bishop with 24 and Mike Bapiste with 17.

League standings: Bulls 7-0; Heat 3-4; Suns 2-5, Lakers 2-5

The RCBL take a mid-season break and resume play Monday, January 3. The post-season playoffs begin February 7.