Shop Talk


The 1st of January is just days away. Like most of us, you have probably made a list of things you want to improve in the New Year. According to the website, some of this year’s popular New Year’s resolutions are: drink less alcohol, get a better education, get a better job, get fit, lose weight, manage debt, manage stress, quit smoking now, save money, take a trip, and volunteer to help others.

With so many options, it is not surprising that Shop Talk can help get you focused on several of these choices with many of them being consolidated into one action. Talk about more bang for your buck, which is where we can start.

Want to save money to manage your debt, take a trip, or just make sure that you have a little extra in the bank? Start with a small investment into the Island Club Card to extract some huge savings throughout the year. For $109 for a family membership (two cards) down to a Senior Membership for $59, you will have access to more than 175 businesses that give deals to card holders. Participating businesses range from groceries at Cronig’s Market, the Chilmark Store, and M.V. Coffee Company to home heating options from Vineyard Propane or Vineyard Oil. Retail stores and services make up the predominance of the listings and restaurants contribute a big presence too. You may also be generous and become one of their Island Angels by purchasing a membership for a person or family in need. Visit or call 508-696-5430 for more information and a complete listing of participating businesses.

Another way to save is finding those elusive but lucrative frequent buyer discounts at local businesses. Jim’s Package Store and Island Market offers a discount card on gas for your car. Buy 100 gallons of gas over any period of time and get $10 off your next gas purchase. Ask for your card the next time you stop in to fill up. Rainy Day has a Customer Appreciation Card, that after your fifth purchase of $25 or more you receive 20 percent off one item of your choice. The Green Room offers frequent jean and shoe buyer cards. After you buy four pairs of regular priced jeans or shoes, you get your fifth pair for 40 percent off. If you’re on Secret Garden’s mailing list, you’ll get coupons mailed to you throughout the year. Buy 10 paperback books at Bunch of Grapes and get a 25 percent discount on the 11th; buy five hardcover books and get 25 percent off the sixth. And at Entertainment Cinemas in Edgartown, get a free movie ticket after you complete your punch card. Not sure if your favorite store offers a frequent customer promotion? Ask and maybe if they don’t they will soon.

Now let’s move on to health. With five membership-driven fitness clubs on-Island (B-Strong, The Mansion House, the Workout, Blitz Fitness, and the YMCA of M.V.), you are sure to be able to have access to equipment along with programming to help reach your goals. Many of the clubs have winter and New Year specials to make it even easier. B-Strong offers an EFT special where you put down $147 and then pay $49/month for as long as you want (after a 12-month commitment) with a guarantee never to raise your rate. They also offer a mid-day membership special from October to May 1 at a special rate of $39/month. The Mansion House has a Winter Walk-In Rate Special (valid through April 30) with discounts on all membership levels from a daily rate of $10 to a 3-month rate of $179 instead of the regular $229.

Don’t forget, there are also many options for non-membership fitness programs as well, though most have a discount program if you buy 10 classes in advance. For yoga we have numerous options for studios and classes you can go to. A sampling would be the Yoga Barn (, The Yoga Collective at Island Co-Housing ( and FLY Yoga ( Individual fitness classes can be had at a daily rate at all of the fitness clubs, or private studios such as Lisa’s Studio (508-693-1009) in West Tisbury, mine at The Space ( in Edgartown, or Vineyard Pilates Center for private or group classes. The Mod Spa (, a new venue in Edgartown, offers everything from massage and yoga to fitness trainings. For a full listing of yoga instructors, see Classes in the Events and Essentials section in Calendar.

So come on people, lets make 2011 the year you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions. Happy New Year to you and yours.