Oyster Bar clears license hurdle, reopens


12:30 pm, Friday

The Oyster Bar Grille on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs will reopen this evening.

“We’re ready to go,” owner Michael Gillespie told The Times in a telephone conversation Friday afternoon. “We will reopen tonight.”

Mr. Gillespie said he had worked very hard this week to resolve all the outstanding issues with the town of Oak Bluffs and state Alcohol Beverages Control Commission. He said he would continue to work with the town.

“If there is a problem and it is brought to my attention, I am going to do everything to solve it,” he said in a telephone conversation. Mr. Gillespie said the town had been very fair and he appreciated the cooperation of town officials.

He said the Oyster Bar would be open five days a week, beginning February 17.

Oak Bluffs Police confirmed that the restaurant is clear to reopen.

In the Thursday print edition, The Times reported that the restaurant had been operating year-round without the required license to serve alcohol (“After operating without license, Oyster Bar can’t reopen tonight“).

On Wednesday, before Mr. Gillespie had resolved his licensing problems, town officials told Mr. Gillespie he would be subject to arrest if he did reopen for business.