Cambridge man wins Martha’s Vineyard 20 mile race


Three hundred sixty-four registered runners completed the 14th annual Martha’s Vineyard 20-mile race, on Saturday, February 19, sixty-two fewer than last year.

Saturday’s winner was 35-year-old Chad Carr of Cambridge. His time, 1:54:52 was 6:18 behind last year’s record-setting pace by Patrick Moulton, 28, of Providence.

The first woman to reach the finish line was Emily Bryans, 43, of Schenectady, N.Y. Her time was 2:12:52. She was 21st overall.

Paul Vertefuile of Vineyard Haven was the first Vineyarder to finish the run. He was 59th at 2:24:26. Edgartown’s Wayne Nichols was 87th in 2:31:30 and Leonard Verville, Oak Bluffs, was 100th at 2:33;53.

The rest of Saturday’s top ten finishers were (2) Ryan Aschbrenner of Nashua, N.H., 1:57:20; (3) Timothy Catoggio, 25, of South Boston, 1:59:15; (4) Kevin Gravina, 32, of Cambridge, 1:59:42; (5) Jonathan May, 42, of Charlestown, 2:01:02; (6)Thomas Fagin, 22, of Ledyland, Conn., 2:02:33; (7) Jon Chesto, 39, of South Boston, 2:04:08; (8) Jake Marcus, 21 of North Easton, 2:05:02; (9) Evan Williams, 24, of Falmouth, 2:05:32; and (10) Zachary Laidley, 38, of East Walpole, 2:05:56.

Other Islanders who completed the run included Sarah Davis, Patrick Parker, Marylee Schroeder, Josh Levine, Bonnie Kingsbury, Todd Cleland, Christopher Sykes, Blake Edmunds, Robin Breen, David Diniwachter, Gregory Rollins, and Peter Hatt.