Junior varsity round robin basketball tourney gets rolling

Ry Brodsky (15) of the Charter School, sets to shoot, Edgartown player Owen Hess defends while teammate Cyrus Kennedy blocks out Andy Dimattia (11) as Justin Donahue (20) closes in. — Photo by Susan Safford

Edgartown School assistant junior varsity basketball coach Pat Mercier organized an All-School Junior Varsity Round-Robin Boys Basketball Tournament Sunday that kept the kids running up and down the court. The Edgartown school, the Charter School, and the Oak Bluffs school, which sent two teams, played a series of 15-minute games on two courts at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School gym.

“It gave the players a lot of court time,” Coach Mercier said. “They played for close to two hours straight.” And that was the goal of this first round robin tournament, lots of play time.

Five high school varsity basketball players volunteered to be referees. Coach Mercier said that he hopes there will be two round-robins next year for the JVs.