Educomp: helping Vineyard businesses for 25 years


Our Island has a backbone of small businesses that are striving to keep up with the times. For some, the new world of technology and supplies can be daunting, especially if you have just converted over from longhand. For those business owners that want to step into the 21st century and need to improve their productivity or advertising campaigns, there is a one-stop shop at their fingertips – Educomp (“an amalgamation of education and computers,” according to manager Dan Carbon).

Located at 4 State Road in Vineyard Haven, Educomp has been in business for more than 25 years and has done just what many of us are trying to do: grow a business by keeping up with the times. Owners Patrick and Dorothy Gregory have helped the store develop a reputation of having knowledgeable, user-friendly customer service.

“Pat, a former teacher at the West Tisbury School, saw an interesting connection between teaching and computers,” Mr. Carbon recalled. “It is kind of freaky to think that people didn’t have computers on their desk in 1982 when the store opened and now my eight-year-old can’t do her homework without one.”

Educomp offers products for the office, from paper to phone systems, and 20 years experience in selling and servicing computers. Their rates are competitive with off-Island office supply stores and they have infused some fun and quirky choices to meet the demands of the one-of-a-kind Island community.

You can find your traditional set of gel pens or you could choose a colorfully designed pen that will guarantee you know who walked off with it. The staff is quick to help you complete your shopping list with choices for: copy or printer paper, printer ink or toner, staples, pens, calendars, notebooks, envelopes, address labels, and much more.

If they don’t have what you are looking for, they are more then happy to help find it elsewhere. So think about them the next time you have to make a stack of advertising flyers for your business, or even if you are designing party invitations for your child’s birthday. If you don’t have a printer that will provide you with the high impact color options, visit their Business Center to make numerous copies on their color copier. The staff are always on hand to help you use their self-service copy center, send or receive faxes, use their color copier (which makes great photo copies as well), along with their two high-speed internet workstations.

For your more advanced needs, such as growing your business’ computers into a network system that will help keep your employees in contact with integral information and allow them to share technology, along with printers, chat with their On-Site Technical Team. They will visit you in your office and help you to set up your system, teach how to use basic Microsoft or QuickBooks programs, and troubleshoot anything else computer-related that you might need.

Their in-store computer accessories section contains cables, routers, mice, keyboards, switches, hard drives, CDs, anti-virus software, and anything else you can think of to make your upgrades as seamless as possible. The Technical Team can also help you fix your current systems and increase their memory or speed to keep up with your busy life. Computers can be repaired either in-shop or at your business or home, so don’t fret about having to unplug your system. You always have backup at Educomp.

When you are ready, head in to start the process with questions. Whatever your business needs to grow, they can help.

Educomp is currently open Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm. 508-693-0803;