Tisbury reschedules special town meeting due to lack of quorum Tuesday night


Tisbury failed to muster a quorum of 100 voters for Tuesday night’s special town meeting. As a result, selectmen rescheduled the special town meeting and will now hold it on Tuesday, April 12, prior to the start of the annual town meeting.

Voters arrived in the Tisbury School gymnasium for the special town meeting — just not enough of them.

The meeting was supposed to start at 7 pm. At 7:15 pm moderator Deborah Medders announced that 19 voters were still needed to meet the town’s quorum of 100. She asked voters to use their cell phones to call and ask neighbors, family, and friends to join them at the meeting.

In an update at 7:35 pm, Ms. Medders said that the Tisbury selectmen had decided to wait until 8 pm to see if a quorum would be reached. It fell short at the appointed time by eight voters.

Ms. Medders said the annual town meeting would be convened at 7 pm on Tuesday, April 12, and recessed in order to hold the special town meeting first. When it is finished, the annual meeting will be resumed. Ms. Medders said it is very likely the meeting will require a second night.

As disappointed would-be voters headed out, several speculated that rainy weather, a Red Sox game, and a scheduling conflict with the Island Community Chorus spring concert dress rehearsal were to blame for the poor attendance.