Chilmark election featured no contests and no surprises


A total of 155 Chilmark residents, or 18 percent of the town’s 858 registered voters went to the polls on April 27. There were no contested races and no surprises.

Voters re-elected selectman Warren Doty with 116 votes. Voters re-elected Marshall Carroll III to the finance advisory committee for a 3-year term, with 145 votes. Robert Chidsey was the next highest vote-getter with 18 write-in votes, in a race with 136 blank ballots. Bruce Golden won a one-year term on the finance advisory committee with 114 votes.

Elizabeth Oliver was elected to the board of assessors (140 votes), Michael Ranehan to the board of health (121 votes), and Janet Weidner as trustee of the public library (139 votes).

Mitchell Posin won one of three open 5-year terms on the planning board (119 votes). The next two candidates were Andrew Fischer (28 votes) and Daniel Greenbaum (6 votes), in a race with 295 blank ballots.

Voters chose Wesley Cottle as cemetery commissioner (132 votes), and Nathaniel Allen-Posin fence viewer (133 votes). Keith Emin was elected tree warden with 144 votes, and also surveyor of wood, lumber, and bark (6 votes), in a race with 129 blank ballots.