For Janet Hathaway and Alan Gowell.


To the Editor:

As past chairmen of the Edgartown Affordable Housing Committee, you have both been instrumental in leading the evolution of the town’s affordable housing programs, from simple house lots in subdivisions to an established program consisting of a whole range of affordable housing options.

We have every confidence that affordable housing in Edgartown will go on in the most meaningful ways in the future because of your leadership, sacrifices, and hard work.

At the advent of the “buy down program,” we, the members of the Edgartown Affordable Housing Committee, extend our sincere appreciation for all that you have done for our town and wish you the very best in the future.

By the way, Janet Hathaway has stepped down as chairman but is still an active memberof the Edgartown Affordable Housing Committee.

Mark Hess


Christina Brown

Tim Rush

Melissa Vincent

Sharon Purdy

Bob Clay

Sibel Suman

Administrative Assistant