SSA Governor’s trip cancellation is explained


The SSA announced late Wednesday, May 25, that the Governor’s 6:30 pm trip from Vineyard Haven to Woods Hole had been canceled because of mechanical problems.

Wayne Lamson, SSA general manager, explained the source of the problem in an email. “The Governor lost power with one of her two engines while coming into Wood Holes on the 4 pm trip from Vineyard Haven,” he said. “The Captain dropped the anchor in order to maintain the vessel’s position in front of the SSA’s dock. The engine was restarted but the USCG would not allow us to proceed to the slip 2 because we no longer had an anchor that could be used in the event we continued to have trouble with the forward engine.

A tug was called in and escorted the Governor into slip 2 under its own power. The trip was delayed for about one hour and twenty minutes while anchored out in the harbor. The anchor that was left behind is expected to be retrieved tonight and the vessel should be ready to go in the morning after running sea trials for the USCG.

I was on the vessel at the time of the incident and I thought the crew did an outstanding job of reacting to the situation and keeping all of the passengers informed during the delay.”