Taking care of your trees


To the Editor:

Construction damage to trees is hard to avoid in some instances. There are precautions to be made aware of prior to activity in the vicinity of the trees.

When you have major damage to the root system, it disturbs the normal function of trees where roots carry up water and minerals to the leaves, the trees’ food factory. These injuries put the trees in great stress, and sometimes they may die.

When a tree trunk is damaged by machinery, depending on how severe the injury is, it should be examined to see if the injury could be corrected. This will enable the living cells to start their natural repair system so that infection can be avoided, eliminating canker rots that are extremely hard to stabilize.

Trees that have high energy have more of a chance to repair themselves than trees that are in poor condition. Trees are like human beings — they can respond to the proper care.

Richard J. Manley

Vineyard Haven