Vineyard summer necessities


Summer officially begins this Tuesday, June 21, and if you haven’t gotten all of your summer must-haves, you still have time.

Let’s start with the medicine cabinet and yes, there is a need for items used only in the summer. Starting with that horrible itch and inflammation that comes from walking through fields, brush, or even some grassy areas where you may come in contact with the three to five serrated-edged pointed leaves of poison ivy. If you come in contact with it, you might want to wash with some Tecnu and put on some Caladryl Clear to ease the itch. You can get these and other great products at our local pharmacies such as Leslie’s Drug on Main Street in Vineyard Haven, Vineyard Scripts on Beach Road also in Vineyard Haven, Conroy Apothecary at either their location on State Road in West Tisbury or on the corner of Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs, or finally at the Stop & Shop Pharmacy in Edgartown. While at any of these great places, it might behoove you to get your sun block protection. Pick the one that is water proof as we are an island after all, and some aloe and lotion for when you still got too much sun.

Moving on to summer fun, what’s more fun than going to the beach? If you have already gotten your sun block, you can cruise right into entertainment and comfort. For relaxation, a good reclining beach chair is the way to go with a nice cushy towel that can double as your salt water dry off. If you like to just chill, a beach read from either Bunch of Grapes on Main Street in Vineyard Haven or Edgartown Books also on Main Street but in Edgartown, could help to get you to your Zen place. For your chairs and beach equipment including boogie boards, goggles, sand games, umbrellas, and more, Edgartown has the largest selection of stores to help you out. You can visit the Stop & Shop Summer Store on Upper Main, Trader Fred’s off of Beach Road at the Triangle, The Paper Store downtown on the corner of Main and South Water Streets, The Boneyard also downtown on Main Street, and Granite at the Triangle. If you are in Oak Bluffs, The Paper Store on Circuit Avenue is well stocked and The Lazy Frog, also located on Circuit Avenue, is filled with lots of summer games. The Toy Box on Beach Road in Vineyard Haven has great games for all ages and Alley’s General Store in West Tisbury can fill your list if you just can’t make it into town.

We are not the only ones that need some extra preparation for summer. Man’s best friends (dogs) have a must-have list too. They need to make sure they have gotten their every-28-day dose of Frontline Plus or K9 Advantix to keep those nasty ticks at bay. With mosquitoes active it is also super important to make sure that our pets have had their monthly dose of Heartworm medication. Skunk Off is always nice to have on hand, especially if your dog(s) run free, as the eu de Vineyard is not the scent you want in your home. Having extra dog supplies, like waste bags and a collapsible water bowl for those longer walks, is a must. Luckily we have several on-Island locations to get your supplies. For everything on our list, vets such as Vineyard Veterinary Clinic on Edgartown/Vineyard Haven Road in Edgartown and Animal Healthcare at the Airport in West Tisbury have a fully stocked retail area. For other supplies, SBS on State Road in Vineyard Haven and Good Dog Goods on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs are great places to stop.

Once you have filled your cupboards, go out and enjoy a relaxing summer season.