Om of Motion: new spinning studio in West Tisbury


“Om,” according to, “Is the whole universe coalesced into a single sound and represents the union of mind, body, and spirit that is at the heart of yoga.” Building from this union Kimberly Cartwright and Triva Emery came together and opened, on June 1, Om of Motion, a new spin studio located at 505 State Road (near Up Island Paint & Tool) in West Tisbury.

“Whatever you might have experienced or heard in the past [about spinning] is the reason that we created Om of Motion,” Ms. Cartwright says. “We want to give people a place where they can do this experience called spinning in a holistic manner. We are not just getting bodies on bikes, we are actually spending time up front with you, so coming to a class early is a great idea as it gives you time to connect with the coach and get fitted correctly to the bike. Spin can and is for everyone, whether you are rehabbing an injured knee, wanting to improve your overall health, or just want to move for the positive effects.”

When the two met, Mrs. Cartwright was teaching her Spiritual Cycling class and they continued their connection by “walking, talking, and saving the world,” according to Ms. Emery. They both agreed that it seemed a natural progression to join their energies on this new venture.

With Ms. Emery’s previous experience working nine years for Nike in international marketing of events, along with Ms. Cartwright’s experience teaching spin for the last 12 years in addition to being a certified personal fitness trainer with ACE MV, they are a strong combination. Ms. Emery describes their partnership: “If Kim is the magic, I am the minutia,” with Ms. Cartwright taking on the motivational role along with the class development, and Ms. Emery spearheading an intensive marketing campaign, which includes some high tech extras like reserving your bike online at their [soon to be installed] website,

To ensure that their vision, which is inspired by the quote from Maya Angelou, “…People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,” they needed to find some like-minded, open hearted, giving people to become their certified coaches.

“We spoke to a lot of people and shared our vision,” Ms. Emery says, but when all was said and done, “We only asked a few people to be our coaches. Learning to be a spin instructor can be taught as it is a formality, but who you are as a person is most important because what you bring with you can’t be learned, nor can the ability to make people feel.”

The lavender-colored Om of Motion building exudes a colorful Zen-like setting that possess 11 spin bikes, two sets of cushioned window seats, a 60-inch flat screen TV (usually set to soothing, scenic landscapes), and all the amenities, including air conditioning, needed to ensure a enjoyable spin experience.

Om of Motion offers a variety of well thought-out classes ranging from the one that started it all, OM, which is a meditative cycle practice of mindful movements, to Rise, their most challenging class, and Lift, that is the perfect class for first timers and those with injuries or ailments. They are also hosting a unique class called Beatfeat where the spinner is simultaneously playing a drum that has been attached to the bike. This class is being lead by Rick Bausman of The Drum Workshop.

Ms. Emery tackles the popular question of ‘how much?’ A single class is $10 and they offer discounts on packages of 10 classes ($90) or 20 classes ($160). Seniors and students are $8.

To learn more about their class times and descriptions, they have a story for each class that will help you to visualize how that class was designed at Another option is their open times, where you can go in to spin while doing your own thing. You can check your email with their free wi-fi or check out and pedal till all of the day’s stresses have pooled at your feet.

Katryn Yerdon is the Shop Talk columnist for The Times.